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History of Park Plaza Hotel Seguin
History of Park Plaza Hotel Seguin

Our wonderful Park Plaza Hotel was not the first hotel designed by architect Leo M.J. Dielmann. About a decade before the building was first opened, Dielmann was in San Antonio opening The Fairmount Hotel. Having credits up to his neck with various churches, he would eventually make his way to Seguin. Between 1915-1917, Seguin was going through a “building boom.” Dielmann originally designed to have 42 rooms – 10 on the mezzanine, and 12 for each of the three stories above. Known as “Park Hotel” at the time, it cost $75,000 to build. January 9th, 1917 saw the grand opening. The original hand-drawn designs by Dielmann (nearly 100 years ago) have been archived at the Daughters of The Republic of Texas library at the Alamo.

The hotel features, and always has, two entrances. One door opened to the streets; the other, to the elegant lobby. Roof access was hardly frowned upon. In fact, some nights the hotel held dances “under the stars.” On the business side, retail and concession businesses provided the hotel with an easy cash flow. It would be 1935 to 1954 that the hotels second name would be adopted: “The Plaza Hotel.” But the building wouldn’t always be a hotel.

Texas Lutheran College bought the building, making its primary use as a boy’s dormitory. This lasted from 1964 to 1978 before being bought out by S&S Investments in 1980. At the time renamed “The Park Plaza Building”, the building was renovated for office space. 6-7 businesses occupied Park Plaza for decades until 2013.

Jenny Savage of Remote Logistics International was the next to buy the building. Her plans were to restore the building to its original function, a hotel. Over the course of three years, the building was remodeled to fit the modern needs yet still capturing the classic feeling of the 1917 style. The official reopening took place on December 2nd, 2015, and is now known as “The Park Plaza Hotel.” We invite you to join us for a luxurious stay, a cold drink, or a delicious meal in the heart of Seguin, Texas!

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